Tuberous Breast

This is the difference between a normal breast and a tuberous breast. It is characterized by an alteration of the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the breast, which translates into a lack of development and the herniation of glandular tissue within the areola. In its most developed degree it is a serious deformity that can affect the patient’s self-esteem.

The tuberous breast can be classified into three grades.

  • Grade I: when the lack of development is limited to the infero-internal quadrant.
  • Grade II: the two lower quadrants are not developed, in these cases the areola is deviated looking down.
  • Grade III: all quadrants are affected and deficient, the breast base is retracted and the breast looks constricted. Surgical treatment depends on the degree and severity of the deformity and includes procedures such as glandular remodeling, lipofilling, augmentation mammoplasty, mastopexy or the combination of all of the above.
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