Scar Revision

We can improve the appearance of scars caused by accidents, previous surgeries, injuries or wounds through different techniques.

There are a variety of factors that influence in the quality of the scar:

  • Genetic or hereditary factors
  • Type and quality of the skin: oily or dark skin heals worse
  • Location or area of ​​the body, the incisions in the sternal area or in the shoulders and back result in wider scars
  • Scar orientation.
  • Intolerance to the suture material
  • Infection of the wound, irritations, allergies to dressings or iodine
  • Medicines
  • Tobacco and alcohol

We can classify the scars in:

  • HYPERTROPHIC Scar: Reddened scar, which can rise above, forming a cord.
  • ATROPHIC Scar: Wide and flat scar. The edges of the wound have been separated by a scar tissue that can reach a few centimeters wide.
  • KELOID Scar: Tumor or lump that exceeds the limits of the scar. The combination with different treatments such as corticosteroids, botulin toxin, laser and physical compression treatments can reduce the risk of recurrence and improve the appearance of the scar.
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